Murphy Law Center, PLLC (MLC) diligently adheres to the Connecticut Rules of Professional Conduct.  As the hallmarks of a satisfying attorney-client or mediator-client relationship, MLC strives to maintain the highest levels of trust, respect, integrity, and honesty.  This includes valuing client privacy, clearly communicating the status of the professional relationship, and clearly communicating the nature and sources of material contained within this website.
Personal Identifying Information (PII)
MLC does not currently collect or retransmit any PII through our website, except as follows:
  • Information that MLC’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides to MLC: (a) automatically such as a users Internet address and possibly the users email address, and (b) as part of reports or other information for the purpose of monitoring, evaluating, and enhancing access to and usage of MLC’s website. In such cases, such information may include PII as part of a report.  PII shall not be retransmitted to any person or entity outside of MLC.
  • Information that a user sends to us in an email message.
  • Information that a user submits through a search request or form within our website.

MLC shall not sell to or exchange PII with third-parties.


Email sent to MLC may not be secure.  If you choose to email MLC, MLC may (though is not obligated to) retain all or a portion of the content of your email, your email address, and its response.  All such information and material shall be the property of MLC.  If you are concerned about email and security, prior to sending such email please communicate using what you consider to be a secure mode with MLC to discuss how best to transmit the information.


MLC does not currently use Cookies on its website.  MLC may use Cookies in the future, without prior notice other than a modification of this policy statement.

Links to Other Internet Locations

MLC's website includes links to other resources located on the Internet.  Unless otherwise stated, such links are not affiliated with or endorsed by MLC, and MLC disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for the contents of such sites or the use by those sites of any PII or other information which you may provide to them.  These linked sites are not governed by the PII Privacy Policy Statement.  Please view their privacy policies, if any, prior to accessing such sites or providing them any information.

Privacy Protection Policy 

Pursuant to Connecticut General Statute Section 42-471 concerning the confidentiality of Social Security numbers and other PII, MLC shall protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers and PII obtained and used in the course of business from its clients.

Materials on this Website are for Informational Purposes Only and Shall Not Constitute Legal Advice

The materials contained within all pages of this internet website are provided for informational purposes only.  They shall not constitute the giving of legal advice by MLC.  They are not intended to solicit or create an attorney-client relationship between you and MLC.  This material is not warranted to be correct, complete, or up-to-date.  Please do not act or rely on any information contained within any pages of this website without seeking the advice of a competent attorney of your choice in an appropriate jurisdiction.

Website Content and Links

This website contains content, information, and links to other Internet locations.  These are provided as citations, aids, and information that may help you identify and locate other resources that may be of interest, or to provide you resources created by other persons, which you may find of interest.  To the extent that any of those links or sites were not created by or for MLC, the inclusion of such links are not intended to state or imply that MLC sponsors, endorses, approves of, is affiliated or associated with such linked sites or their contents, nor that MLC is legally authorized to use any trade name, registered trademark, logo, legal or official seal, copyrighted symbol, or copyrighted material that may be reflected in or accessed by such links.  All trademarks or other identifying materials are property of their respective owners.  No responsibility is taken or assumed for any information contained in any linked sites.

The articles and contents of this website have been prepared by MLC and others.  There may be references to some specific matters.  Because every case is different, the results in one case may differ from those in another matter.  These articles and content shall not be considered specific advice regarding any matter.

Communication by Email Shall Not Create an Attorney-Client Relationship

Communication with MLC by email shall not, in and of itself, create any attorney-client or mediator-client relationship.  If you choose to communicate with MLC by email or otherwise in connection with a matter for which we do not already represent you, you should be aware that we may not respond, and shall not have any independent obligation to your email.  In addition, if MLC does not already represent you in connection with the matter about which you communicate with MLC, please be advised that your communication and MLS's response, if any, may not be treated as privileged or confidential.  In addition, please be advised that unless otherwise indicated, MLC cannot represent or guarantee that electronic communications to MLC will be secure or confidential.  Thus, unless otherwise specifically agreed, please do not send sensitive information electronically.


This website is not intended to be advertising.  MLC has attempted to comply with all known legal and ethical requirements in creating and maintaining this website and all content contained herein.

Attorney Licensing and Mediation Training

Attorney Brendan J. Murphy is licensed to practice law in the State of Connecticut, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the United States District Court (District of Connecticut).  He is also a professionally-trained mediator.

Modifications in Policy

MLC may alter, modify, amend, and in any way change its Privacy and Disclaimer Policy at any time, without notice other than as posted on this Policy Statement page.  Please review this Policy Statement page for updates or modifications.  Changes will be effective when posted.


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